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It is the mission of the Freedom Animal Rescue & Sanctuary to provide hope to the hopeless through the facilitation of freedom to all animals that are abused, neglected, and chained. We achieve this mission by providing a variety of services including outreach, adoption, fostering, food pantry, obedience training and other programs. 

Meet the Team

Illustrated White Cats

Executive Officer of Adoption and Foster

Jessica Jacobs

Hayley Bollinger Founder

Executive Fundraising Officer

Emily Gauze

 Executive Director of Services

Angela Cha

Kylee Strang

Executive Director of Spay 

and Neuter Clinics

Rules of Conduct

1. We will make all attempts possible to be fair, polite and honest with other rescue groups, adopters, donors and related professional organizations.

2. We will respect existing rules, treat others as they would hope to be treated, consider mediation when attempts at communication fail and, in all our dealings, seek to elevate the reputation of certified rescue organizations.

3. We agree to use standard animal welfare definitions and terminology in all our communications and written materials, as established in the Michigan Rescue Certification Program, in order to educate the general public and elevate their understanding and knowledge of homeless animal issues and welfare.

4. We will help control the pet population by having all healthy dogs and cats, at least 8 weeks or older and two pounds in weight, sterilized prior to adoption.

5. We will not support the breeding industry by any action that would serve to continue their operations, such as participating in events with or at pet stores that sell dogs or cats, buying or taking animals from an auction, or relieving a breeder of excess stock.

6. We will not participate in any “pet trafficking” by working with an animal broker or anyone in which the source of the animals is unknown.

7. We will not engage in the practice of “flipping,” which involves obtaining animals for free or at a low cost, then quickly selling those same animals for profit.

8. We will not provide animals for "give-away" to the public, such as puppies/kittens for charity raffles or auctions, dog fighting, racing, research or to brokers who supply research facilities, commercial wholesalers, dealers, brokers, retailers, pet shops or any other person or organization for resale.

9. We will always report suspected hoarding, neglect or cruelty situations to the local authorities, including other “rescues” that are “collecting” animals and owning more than they can humanely care for.

10. We will never take an animal from an owner in an attempt to “rescue” the animal from an unacceptable environment without the owner’s permission and full disclosure as to why the animals are being taken through the use of a signed surrender form.

  1. We believe all animals deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, compassion, and kindness.

  2. We recognize once an animal is taken into our rescue, we are fully responsible for the animal from intake until final disposition – adoption, transfer or demise.

  3. We will accept the return of an animal that we have adopted out for any reason.

  4. At a minimum, animals in our care will have access to shelter, nutritious food, adequate water, a safe environment and receive regular and professional veterinary care.

  5. We will address all known illnesses promptly, not adopt out an animal we know to be sick, and will ensure all treatments are completed (or provide provisions) prior to adoption.

  6. We will work diligently to reunite lost animals with their guardians.

  7. We will subscribe to the philosophy of “do no harm,” which includes refusal to allow cosmetic alternation of an animal or performance of unnecessary surgical procedures, including but are not limited to declawing, debarking, and ear and tail cropping.

  8. We will exhaust all resources, provide rehabilitation options to an animal, if needed, and seek out animal sanctuaries before choosing euthanasia.

  9. We will refrain from adopting out any puppy or kitten until it is at least 8 weeks old.

Animal Bill of Rights

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