Providing hope to the hopeless through the facilitation of freedom to all animals that are abused, neglected, and chained.




Volunteer opportunities on our team are currently available! As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to participate in fundraising events, community outreach, dog walking, grant writing, fostering, and assisting with the emotional well-being of our animals. To learn more about Volunteering please click here!


Since our organization does not have a physical shelter at this time, fostering is an important part of our rescue and an excellent way to help our animals until a permanent home is found. Foster families give the animal a chance to live in and acclimate to a home environment with the love and companionship of a human, provide a safe environment for rescues until they can find their forever home, and are rewarding for the foster family. To learn more about fostering, please click here!

Check out the amazing dogs and cats that are looking for their forever home! 


Unfortunate circumstances can happen to anyone. There are times when people may need to surrender their animal to a shelter because they cannot afford to feed their pet. As an organization, our goal is to keep pets with their loving families. We promote the health and well-being of animals by providing cat and dog food to those in need. Our organization accepts dog and cat food donations to stock our Pet Food Pantry. For more information please click here! 


Obedience Training- Upcoming Classes

All Obedience will be offering classes. 


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